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Welcome to the Larry Kreider leadership podcast. Larry is the author of over 40 books, the founder of DOVE Int’l, a worldwide family of churches and ministries in 6 continents, and has over 50 years of leadership experience. He and his guests will share inspirational leadership insights from their journey with God. These insights, gleaned from serving leaders in many nations, will transform your life and leadership. If you want more information about any of Larry Kreider's books, daily devotionals, small group resources, or other teachings, go to

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Doug Lehman on Opportunities to Grow in Leadership

    Doug Lehman joins us in the studio to share his leadership journey and the valuable mistakes he's learned from along the way. Listen as Doug and Larry Kreider talk about what it means to establish a culture of honor, how to juggle strengths and weaknesses, and why you should ...


  2. Hesbone Odindo on The 4 Cs of Leadership

    Hesbone Odindo, the founder of Victory Christian School, joins us from Kisumu, Kenya to talk about his leadership journey. Listen as he and Larry Kreider discuss what it was like growing up in Kadawa Village, his eventual call to full-time ministry, and what it means to ...


  3. Dr. Peter Bunton on Short-Term Teams: Preparing to Go

    Dr. Peter Bunton returns to share about the latest DOVE Mission International release, Preparing to Go, as well as advice for short-term missionaries and team leaders. Listen as Peter and Larry Kreider discuss the criticalness of prayer in leadership, what being self-aware means, ...


  4. Steve Prokopchak on The Value of a Sabbatical

    Steve Prokopchak and Larry Kreider discuss the importance of healthy leadership practices, why the balance between worship, work, rest, and play is necessary, and how leaders can avoid burnout.  Four Practices of a Sabbatical: Rest and decompression Evaluation Concentrated time with the Lord Receiving revelation Highlights: Maintain a spirit ...


  5. Kevin Kazemi on Leaving Islam to Follow Christ

    Born in Iran and into a Muslim family, Kevin Kazemi joins Larry Kreider to share about his family's escape to Stockholm, Sweden, the awe-inspiring faith of his mother, and how he became a Christian. Listen as Kevin describes miracle encounters with Jesus, his call to the missions field, and ...